Wordbohemia September Challenge Day 5

05 Sep

Day 5 of the September Challenge.

Here’s the prompt…

Day 5

Image © David Vale

and my take…

Just a Whisper

Monks lived here once upon a time. I’m told that if I listen carefully on a stormy night, I might hear their chants, their prayers. Prayers for love and understanding. Prayers for mankind, for life itself.

Did anyone listen? Was there anyone? Did they answer?

Did the monks come to the same conclusion I came to? That there’s no one there. No one to answer, guide or give hope. Is that why they left? They haven’t completely gone, they left an imprint here, I can sense them. I feel welcomed. I feel joy and love but… but what?

Something else…

Sadness, tears, despair. I want to cry. I feel fear. Not fear of the ghosts they left behind but fear of the sad memories that have soaked into these walls. I sense a burden, a realisation that all hope is lost… unless…

Is that why they left? One at a time until there were none.



Was that just the wind?

Or was it a whisper?

I just need a whisper.

Just a whisper.

All Text Copyright © 2013 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved.

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