Wordbohemia September Challenge Day 4

04 Sep

This one wasn’t too hard, the first couple of lines popped into my head almost straight away. I did struggle with the rest of it though because I’m not feeling too good today. My sympathies to Pige!

Day 4 prompt…
day 4

Image © Cassie Tillett

My take…


Landing on the doorstep at number 22…
poor Pige he’d travelled miles to fine
it’s not a public loo

He tapped the door but no ones home
he wasn’t in the mood
His wings were damp from flying
and his head was aching too

That curry on the dustbin lid was nothing if not hot
his tum was raw his bum was sore
and something moved a lot

He belch a bit and felt quite sick
but nothing he could do
the door was shut and no one’s home at number 22

So he pooped up in the corner
he could smell the vindaloo
his stomach churned, a lesson learned
now he’ll stick with Irish stew.

By Annie Green All Text Copyright © 2013 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved.

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