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Black Shuck a Poem.

Thought I’d post a little poem about Black Shuck. I was researching him for a story and ended up with a poem.

Black Shuck.

Black Shuck skulks under the darkened sky

howling his message to you or I

his hackles a warning of death in the air

the pending mourning for someone you care.

The hairs on your neck bristle up and hold firm

to the blood curdling cry of the demon in fur

Don’t ignore the howl of the red eyed beast

its drooling mouth and pointed teeth

The inky black shadow who lurks in the wood

or under a window in your neighbourhood.

He’s here with a warning that all is not well

he’s deaths darkest messenger, that phantom from hell.

Don’t cover your ears or hide in the nook

there’s no getting away from the message of Black Shuck.

All Text Copyright © 2012 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved


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Another Poem from Me

I see Zombies.


Direct from Hell.

Black clouds roll into necropolis

as night falls on hallowed ground.

Dense fog creeps into inky black wells

of the cold, damp pits beneath.


They gather for a ritual

to wed in black and grey.

They’re searching for a sacrifice

to pay the devils alms


For the bride to have her former self,

they have made a deal.

To bring you to the boneyard

for you are the immolate.


Eerie whispers beckon you in

to join the festive brawl.

The putrid breath that sucks your life

will keep you in their spell.


Grating stone on grating stone

they crawl from their tombs.

They rise and bid you come inside

to join them on their side.


The church bells sound the warning toll,

the breeze will quietly tell.

Stay away from the graveyard tonight,

they’ve come direct from hell.


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TMA 3 Limerick

My TMA 3 Limerick.

Old Nick

There was an old man called Nick

Whose horns were decidedly slick

He polished his tail

As he took up his Grail

And poked at the flames with his stick

All Text Copyright © 2012 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved


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The Secret Life of Life

This poem was my attempt at one of the activities in the A215 creative writing course, in which we were given ‘Titles’ to work with. We just had to make up the poem to go with the title.

The Secret Life of Life

It’s deep inside

This Secret life

It lives and breaths and grows

It knows it’s job

And does it well

But no-one really knows

It might double up

or divide in two

or simply provide supply

to blood and bones and tissue

or hair or nail or eye

Without the Secret Life of Life

We wouldn’t be around

We’d wither and die

and rot and lie

in sod just under ground

Where worms and ants

and crawly things

Would eat us right away

Cos the Secret Life of Life’s there too

And it knows no better way.

All Text Copyright © 2012 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved


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