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Black Shuck a Poem.

Thought I’d post a little poem about Black Shuck. I was researching him for a story and ended up with a poem.

Black Shuck.

Black Shuck skulks under the darkened sky

howling his message to you or I

his hackles a warning of death in the air

the pending mourning for someone you care.

The hairs on your neck bristle up and hold firm

to the blood curdling cry of the demon in fur

Don’t ignore the howl of the red eyed beast

its drooling mouth and pointed teeth

The inky black shadow who lurks in the wood

or under a window in your neighbourhood.

He’s here with a warning that all is not well

he’s deaths darkest messenger, that phantom from hell.

Don’t cover your ears or hide in the nook

there’s no getting away from the message of Black Shuck.

All Text Copyright © 2012 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved


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My Gran Said…

A silly poem.

My Gran Said…

He’s gonna stab him with that gun

my gran said

as we watched the murder mystery


He’s gonna strangle her in her bed

my gran said

as we watched the love scene

being told

He’s gonna poison her with that drink

My gran said

as we watch the garden party for the Queen

being shown

You’re missing the news

my gran said

as Ronny and Ronny

fooled around

someone robbed the bank

my gran said

as the advert for the trustees

was aired

She’s gonna kill him with that pan

My gran said

as Fanny and Johnny

fry an egg

This is a good cup of tea

my gran said

sipping hot chocolate

from a mug

You trying to get me drunk?

my gran said

slurring over eggnog

in a glass

She’s driving us mad

my sister said

as gran dozed in the chair.


Shh! Don’t wake her up

I said

As peace descended

for once.


All Text Copyright © 2012 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved


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