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100 word story for the Ink Pantry challenge

This is my 100 word story for the Ink Pantry competition. I didn’t win but I thought I would post it anyway.

The winners were much better than mine. Well done to them.

Halloween Fun.

The mist covered evening sun sank slowly into the gold and red autumn leaves just in front of Andrea. She felt excited about the evening ahead. This would be her first adventure since she had died. She couldn’t wait to get out there and put the fear of God, or should that be Satan, into the bastards that killed her. Halloween had never appealed to her in life, but she sure as hell was going to make the most of it now she was dead, and for the rest of their long, boring, stupid lives. Now they would pay for it.



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Meet Tom Gillespie.

Tom has just informed me that his new book is to be launched tomorrow, so I thought it was a great time to let you meet him. Over to you Tom…

Tell us a little about yourself…

Hi Annie.

I grew up in small mining town on the outskirts of Glasgow. After finishing a masters in English at Glasgow uni, I spent the next ten years pursuing a financially ruinous musical career as a singer/songwriter, playing, recording and touring the UK and Europe with my band . I now live in Bath with my wife, my daughter and my hyper-neurotic cat, where I work at the University as an Academic English lecturer.

Can you remember the first book you ever read or was read to you.

Noddy Goes to Toy Town. It had a profound effect on me. I still don’t fully trust flat-capped northerners on holiday.. Oh wait, that’s The Famous Five, isn’t it?

What was the first thing you ever wrote?

“Poo.” (no really, it is)

(Stop laughing Annie!)

Do you have a favourite writing place.

My head

Are there any other writers/authors in your family.

No I’m the only writer, but not the only lunatic

What or who has been your has been the biggest influence on your writing.

Music, movies, food, the moon, sex – and the day Archie Gemmill scored for Scotland against Holland in the 1978 world cup …. but not writing.

Which author(s) do you read most.

Me. I’m never done editing and re-editing my own work. I barely get a chance to read anything else.

Do you have a favourite genre and what is it.

I hate genres. I’m a genre buster. It’s a bit like saying, what’s your favourite colour? Every colour is important and every colour is relative to the next.

It’s blue, by the way.

What are you working on at the moment?

-Trying to pay off a massive home improvement loan that is bleeding me dry. Oh, and a collection of short stories, about debt.

Where can we buy your books?

Painting by Numbers is available in kindle format here:

And soon to be released book format… Awaiting link


Twitter: tom_gillespie

Facebook: /tomgillespiewriter

Thanks Tom. Good luck with your new book, I really hope it’s a best seller.


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Meet Edge Dyrksec Johnson

Today we get to meet Edge Dyrksec Johnson author of the debut novella Stormbringer…

Tell us a little about yourself Edge.

I am a husband, a writer, a gamer, a geek, a techie, and a dreamer. I grew up in rural Oklahoma, discovered a world beyond its borders, and stepped into a strange urban landscape in Los Angeles. My writing usually blends themes and tropes from fantasy and science fiction, though I do occasionally dabble in slice of life in my #FridayFlash fiction stories. I have been published in the Best of #FridayFlash, both volumes, and I am the Editor for the FridayFlash community website.

Can you remember the first book you ever read or was read to you.

Not really. I read a LOT as a kid. I remember several classics, like Where the Red Fern Grows and several Box Car Kids books. Though, the best story I have about a book I read occurred in sixth grade. I always wore a (trench) coat that was able to conceal a novel in at least one of its pockets, and at my school, recess on cold or rainy days was held in the gymnasium. I often found a perch where I could put my feet up and read in peace and quiet to ride through the loud period, but I never gave much consideration to who was noticing me or what I was reading. One such rainy day, I sat on my perch, reading a particularly awesome Xanth novel, obviously by Piers Anthony, and one of the girls in my class came through the door nearby and asked me what I was reading. Without missing a beat, I tilted the book so she could read the title. When she started laughing, I turned the book to figure out what was so funny. Apparently, a book called The Color of Her Panties may not be the best choice for wooing my classmates.

What was the first thing you ever wrote.

Aside from homework and punishment, the first real work that I started writing (and never finished, sadly) was a book I called The Way of the Sword. I wrote on it only during my 4th hour Typing class my freshman year in high school and only after my regular work was done. By the end of that year, I had easily typed over fifty pages for it, but it was sadly done on a type writer. I attempted to re-write the story once for NaNoWriMo, but I do not do well with that sort of writing frenzy.

Do you have a favorite writing place.

Yes, but sadly, my bed is not the most productive place to write. I do fairly well now in my new office, with my desk and computer with speakers to blare some music. I also have a door that I can close to keep everyone away from me.

Are there any other writers/authors in your family.

My dad tried to write, and is one of the reasons I tried it so often growing up. Outside of that, I am unaware of any. I am not the only English graduate though, as I have an aunt that graduated with the same degree. I do not believe she is a write though.

What or who has been your has been the biggest influence on your writing.

Greatest influence? Honestly, I try to write with as few outside influences as possible. I have read works by dozens of authors, but I try to make sure that my voice is unique. If I were to assign influences, I would actually reference my parents for having such a diverse love of literature to start, and then for passing that passion on to me at a young age. Nothing could have made my childhood better than those trips to the used book store where we were given permission to get as many books as we wanted, regardless of the price. Our average haul from those trips yielded more than twenty “new” books for us to fight over.

Which author(s) do you read most.

Tricky question. Overall, I would say I have read the most number of books by Piers Anthony, but most of those were before I graduated from high school. Since then, Jim Butcher has been the most frequent author I have read. Koontz had some really good stuff, and Crichton have some influences. I have even read the entire Star Trek: New Frontier series (Peter David and John J. Ordover, I believe).

Do you have a favorite genre and what is it.

Fantasy and Science Fiction, more or less in equal parts. I find that I really prefer genre blending and bending, which leads me to liking some Urban Fantasy (Butcher’s Dresden novel’s), CyberPunk (Shadowrun), and Historical Fiction (Card’s Red Prophet). If I had to pick a single genre, I would have to lean ever so slightly toward Fantasy. Magic is the tipping point, for while I love technology, the mystic arts in most books carry the burden of consequence more so than their technological counterparts.

I know you write for adults as well as children but which gives you the most pleasure to write for.

I write for no one. Well, I may write for myself on some levels, but I target no one, no demographic, no group of individuals, no specific individual. I would be terribly offended if someone read my work and said, “You wrote that for downtrodden women with abusive husbands.” Excuse me? No, I did not. I wrote it, because it was part of the story that needed to be told. Should downtrodden women with abusive husbands have works written about them to shine light on the issue? Most certainly. Will I ever write such a work for them? Never.

What are you working on at the moment.

I am currently working on a set of novellas set in a mystical world, where each work will follow the rise of a prophesied hero and their acquisition of a relic that will be used to save the world.

Where can we buy your books.

If I had any available, I would gladly point you to them. As soon as I finish the first novella (Stormbringer), it will be available at my website (, likely for $1. My two published #FridayFlash fiction stories are available through the Best of #FridayFlash anthologies (first volume has “Uncle’s Ukulele” and is available at, the other will be available in the near future and contains “Big Pimpin’”).

Good luck with Stormbringer Edge…

For your copy of Edge’s new novella visit the following link.



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My Gran Said…

A silly poem.

My Gran Said…

He’s gonna stab him with that gun

my gran said

as we watched the murder mystery


He’s gonna strangle her in her bed

my gran said

as we watched the love scene

being told

He’s gonna poison her with that drink

My gran said

as we watch the garden party for the Queen

being shown

You’re missing the news

my gran said

as Ronny and Ronny

fooled around

someone robbed the bank

my gran said

as the advert for the trustees

was aired

She’s gonna kill him with that pan

My gran said

as Fanny and Johnny

fry an egg

This is a good cup of tea

my gran said

sipping hot chocolate

from a mug

You trying to get me drunk?

my gran said

slurring over eggnog

in a glass

She’s driving us mad

my sister said

as gran dozed in the chair.


Shh! Don’t wake her up

I said

As peace descended

for once.


All Text Copyright © 2012 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved


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Am I mad?

I’m now fully booked for the Open University A363 Advanced Creative Writing to start on October 4th. I’m a bit nervous and very excited at the same time. We have finished the A215 Creative Writing and are waiting for the final result to come through on that. I’m told we will have to wait until August.

In my fit of excitement I did a silly thing, I booked myself on to the AA100 Arts Past and Present to start in February 2013. I say silly because I’m still not 100% sure I want to take my degree to the limits. I want to write and have gone off the idea of more study. Hopefully I will decide to stick with it and not cancel the AA100 in the end.

We’ll see.


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Another Poem from Me

I see Zombies.


Direct from Hell.

Black clouds roll into necropolis

as night falls on hallowed ground.

Dense fog creeps into inky black wells

of the cold, damp pits beneath.


They gather for a ritual

to wed in black and grey.

They’re searching for a sacrifice

to pay the devils alms


For the bride to have her former self,

they have made a deal.

To bring you to the boneyard

for you are the immolate.


Eerie whispers beckon you in

to join the festive brawl.

The putrid breath that sucks your life

will keep you in their spell.


Grating stone on grating stone

they crawl from their tombs.

They rise and bid you come inside

to join them on their side.


The church bells sound the warning toll,

the breeze will quietly tell.

Stay away from the graveyard tonight,

they’ve come direct from hell.


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Another Haiku


Study for the brain

Fog in the way

Can’t remember a thing


Cold Night

Wrap up warm

Bloomers round your bum

Temperature drops


All Text Copyright © 2012 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved


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