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September Challenge Day 2

It’s the second day of the Wordbohemia September challenge. Here is the photo prompt…

four men pic 2

© Cassie Tillet

and my offering (;/)…

Shark Food…

‘Well at least there;s more room on the bench now.’ Ted mused.

‘Yes there is.’ Sid grinned.

‘No more arguing about who sits in the middle.’ Eddie looked a bit sad.

‘Oi! Cheer up, it’s too late for that.’ John snapped.


‘See? Even the dog agrees’.

‘Wonder where he is now?’

‘At the bottom of the bloody sea you silly bugger.’

‘Ay he is that.’

‘Woof, woof.’

‘No! I mean is he in heaven or is he in Hell?’

‘Ohh! Hell I’d say, the nasty old bugger that he was.’

‘Ay he was that.’

‘Woof, woof woof’

‘He always said he’d not go alone, well he did.’

‘Ay, he said that.’
‘And he went first’

‘Said he’d come back and get us.’
‘Bloody old git!’ ‘Who pushed him?’

‘It don’t matter who pushed him, he’s gone, thank God! Miserable sod.’

‘Wasn’t me, I wasn’t close enough’

‘Lets not go there eh? He’s gone and we’re free of ‘im’

‘Grrrr, Woof’

‘The dog agrees again.’

‘Do ya think he’ll come back?’

‘How can he? He’s dead!’

‘Don’t worry Sid, he ain’t coming back, shark food he is now.’


‘What up with that bloody dog?’

‘Dunno, he’s lookin at summut out at sea there.’

‘Them storm clouds I expect.’

‘Ay, best get off then.’

‘Who’s takin the dog?’

‘Not me, I don’t want the bugger!’

‘Take him down the shelter shall we?’


‘Here comes the thunder’

‘Best get off then’


‘Bloody hell!! Look at that wave, where did that come from?’

‘I dunno but its a big un. RUN!!’


By Annie Green All Text Copyright © 2013 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved.


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Word Bohemia September Challenge Day 1 has set a September Challenge to write a piece of flash fiction or a poem everyday throughout the month prompted by a each day, and me being me (an idiot!!) decided to give it a bash!! That’s why I’m here after all this time! Please forgive my absence, I’ve been very busy building a business, but that’s for another time, right now it’s on with the challenge…

Wordbohmia September Challenge Day 1…
The prompt…
Picture © David Vale

The flash fiction…

Stolen Seeds
Those beautiful blue, diamond eye’s watched her across the dodgems, twinkling, laughing, beckoning. She didn’t hesitate, he was the one. In his gypsy wagon they made love to the sound of the fairground music, the screams, the shouts, the laughter echoing around them. The words to ‘Sweet Surrender’ brought a smile to her lips as he gently stroked her firm, teased breasts. . She knew he’d forget her tomorrow, but that was ok, she’d got what she came for, the seed was planted. She had chosen well and he had surrendered with unwitting dignity. She bounded from the fairground and found Roberta waiting beyond the gates, her pale blue diamond eyes glinting in the evening light.
‘Did you do it?’
‘Yes’ she smiled
‘Do you think it worked?’
‘I know it did!’
Roberta cupped her face and gently kissed her lips. Now they’d have everything.
By Annie GreenAll Text Copyright © 2013 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved.
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Creative Writing Competiton News

I have decided to add this new section to my blog to bring you all the creative writing competition news and articles that I can find. I will source the net weekly for competitons from the UK and abroad.

List here are my first finds. Stay tuned for more daily…


International Radio Playwriting Competition 2012


For unpublished writers in the UK


Worth a look.


In case you missed this.


Short story competition ‘Bloody Scotland.’


Just a few for today. Will be back tomorrow with more.

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A215 Creative Writing

The course material for the A215 has arrived and I’m in my glory! As with all the other students I got over excited and felt like Christmas had come early. The FB group suddenly burst into a frenzy of activity with all of us squealing with delight.

In the parcel, which wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, was the Big Red Book!, The Study Guide, 4 CDs and the obligatory Welcome Letter from the UO.

The Big Red Book is… well, BIG! and can be used as a door stop when the course is over.

Some have started listening to the CDs and reading through the material, but I’m going to wait till the web site opens on the 21st September before I do anything.

The course consists of Fiction Writing, Poetry Writing and Life writing. Life Writing? That should be fun! and as for Poetry!! Mmm!

I know this is going to be more difficult than the A174 but I’m giving it my best shot. It’s obviously much more reading and creative writing this time as it’s a 9 month long, 60 point, level 2 course as opposed to 3 month long 10 point course that the A174 was. Am I up to it?? I don’t know, we’ll see I suppose.

Keep checking back for more info and updates on my progress, if you want too that is…

Photo Courtesy of Mike Williams

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