Wordbohemia September Challenge day 3

03 Sep

So today is day 3 of the September challenge and this is the prompt..

Behind Closed Doors….

Some people leave home to go to collage, some to get married, some go to prison and some just die. There are so many things in families that make life what it is, a dream or a crock of shite. The families in this street ain’t no different but in most of ’em all of the above are there, ingredients for a crap filled parenthood, and childhood. I’ve lost count of the families ‘ere who’s perfect (at least as perfect as any other) lives have been turned upside down cos one of um ain’t too well in the head.

Take the Fletcher family, just across the road from me. They live on the 6th floor, so do I, I can see right into their window from my kitchen, and this is typical of, oh I’d say seventy percent of ’em.

Lucy was a sweet child, always had a smile on her face, a kind word to someone less fortunate. At the age of eight her mother committed suicide for reasons known only to her and Lucy took it hard, just like any eight year old would. It didn’t show for ‘while, just mood swings and getting’ inta fight and such. But around twelve years old Lucy began to spiral out of control. She got in with the wrong crowd, whatever that means, and started shopliftin’ and beatin’ on the old folk. She tried it on me once, just the once, the hidin’ I gave her was enough to keep her at bay. I often wonder why she didn’t tell her pa what I did but she didn’t.

Wasn’t long before she got into drugs and got herself arrested and that was the end of sweet little Lucy, a demon took her place. The worst of it was she got her little sister involved in the drugs too but the sister died from an overdose and Lucy went to prison for it.

The only good thing to come outta that family is Roy. Roy is the eldest, he started collage last fall, trainin’ to be a doctor, or so I’m told. And the old man? Well dun near drunk ‘imself to death just last week. They saved him o’ course but one day he won’t be so lucky.
Yup! This neighbourhood ain’t no different to no other, ‘cept I can see it all from my winda and it darn near breaks my heart.

By Annie Green All Text Copyright © 2013 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved.

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