Word Bohemia September Challenge Day 1

01 Sep has set a September Challenge to write a piece of flash fiction or a poem everyday throughout the month prompted by a each day, and me being me (an idiot!!) decided to give it a bash!! That’s why I’m here after all this time! Please forgive my absence, I’ve been very busy building a business, but that’s for another time, right now it’s on with the challenge…

Wordbohmia September Challenge Day 1…
The prompt…
Picture © David Vale

The flash fiction…

Stolen Seeds
Those beautiful blue, diamond eye’s watched her across the dodgems, twinkling, laughing, beckoning. She didn’t hesitate, he was the one. In his gypsy wagon they made love to the sound of the fairground music, the screams, the shouts, the laughter echoing around them. The words to ‘Sweet Surrender’ brought a smile to her lips as he gently stroked her firm, teased breasts. . She knew he’d forget her tomorrow, but that was ok, she’d got what she came for, the seed was planted. She had chosen well and he had surrendered with unwitting dignity. She bounded from the fairground and found Roberta waiting beyond the gates, her pale blue diamond eyes glinting in the evening light.
‘Did you do it?’
‘Yes’ she smiled
‘Do you think it worked?’
‘I know it did!’
Roberta cupped her face and gently kissed her lips. Now they’d have everything.
By Annie GreenAll Text Copyright © 2013 Annie Green ( Trudy Chappell) All Rights Reserved.
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